Friday, October 06, 2006

SIC/XE Linker and Loader

Whew, first let me say that its been a long and arduous 48 hours. I've been hauling ass to get a nice little programming assignment done. Like many a Computer Science major, I am currently hoofing through a systems programming class (at Case its EECS 337, I know I'm a first year, but I'm cool like that). As one of our first assignments we are writing/wrote a simplified Linker/Loader.

Now, I want to make it clear, that when I say simplified, I mean extraordinarily so, we make a host of assumptions about the input data (The loader will probably flip out if it gets bad data), but the core functionality of it seems to work. Either way, I made a project on Google Code, and encourage you to check it out/help me understand all of the 100 things I did wrong.

On a technical/design note, the program is written in java (against 1.5, but it can easily be ported to 1.4.2, I just happen to have 1.5 running in eclipse, and eclipse feels a need to let me know about all 500 'depreciated' actions I take, so I just started writing for 1.5) and implements a Symbol Table that I also wrote myself. Everything is less than a day or two old, and almost nothing works, its more the idea behind it all. So, with that said, check it out and fill me in. (Especially if your smarter than me ;))

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