Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dashboard and Beagle Desktop Search Updates

Well, its been a while, but I wanted to give some brief updates on what I've been working on the past while.

  1. Dashboard Plugin - Its not pretty, its barely functional, but it does serve as a great proof of concept for how to grab text from an window. Which is all I really wanted to accomplish, hopefully once the dashboard architecture gets a little more fleshed out, and we get dashboard bindings available in some more languages, I'll get this working all the way to the point where we also get metadata and are generally useful. Either way, if your interested, here it is.
  2. Updated Epiphany Plugin for Beagle - The beagle plugin for epiphany is archaic, outdated, slow, and insecure. And now its even starting to get bugs filed against it. Needless to say, its time for a facelift. I whipped up a patch that adds a new python-based epiphany plugin which uses the same mechanism that the firefox plugin does to get webpages to the daemon to be indexed.
  3. Labyrinth Notes Backend for Beagle - I recently hacked up and committed a simple backend (based on the Tomboy backend) that indexes your labyrinth notes (should you have any ;) ).
  4. Gedit Dashboard Plugin - nothing that exciting, I got the basic handlers to work, but I'm having a hard time with multiple documents and tabs. Once it actually generates cluepackets I'll post the code.
I guess thats about it, seemed like I had a longer list, but most of my time has been sucked into school and the upcoming Ubuntu release. (Mostly testing and the like, but more on that later)

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