Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dashboard and Beagle

So I've had a somewhat uneventful day (after physics that is). And after getting bored and frustrated with beagle's Thunderbird backend, it seemed like time to explore another project. So, I started hacking together the beginnings of some good old fashioned plugins. You can follow/collaborate here if your interested. But for those of you that want the concise version:
  • I have started work on 2 frontends, Gaim and Firefox
  • The gaim one may not work at all (it seems that the mono bindings for gaim never really happened like they were planned).
  • The firefox plugin should more or less work (leaning towards the more side even) I just need some more firefox-literate person to look over it and figure out why some of the packaging doesn't seem to be correct. (I think all the code is fine ;) ).

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